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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  February 4, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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prospectors. >> we've got a great show ahead of you for you tonight. and dramatic news. now you remember what ana interviewed this woman earlier in the week? >> oh no drama. he's back on the show. what is his take on susan g koman coming back. graham nash of cross by still
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nash and young on the program today. >> we have to teach our children children. [cheering] >> i tell you, his song is about bradley manning and it's terrific and he's really emotional about it. i love it. we'll talk to him in a little bit. it's go time. ♪ >> look what happened with the susan g. koman you foundation. they said, we're not sure about the money about planned parenthood and they've taken the money away. first nancy brinker is their ceo, and here's what she said earlier in the week. >> we're always looking at our policies and procedures to be sure we're doing the right thing for the supporters and women that we serve.
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regrettable this strategic shift will effect any number of long-standing partners but we have always done what is right for our organization, for our donors and volunteers. we will never bow to political pressure. we will always stand firm in our goal to end breast cancer forever. >> well, a lot of people disagreed with that. they felt that they were binding to political pressure by taking money away from planned parenthood, and some discharged that they were right wing and they're using politics to interfere with their main mission. one person who was very upset was representative jackie spear. hears what she said on the floor yet. >> why would susan g. koman take the remarkable step saying they're no longer going to fund planned parenthood? i suppose when we review nih and bring them under investigation they will stop funding nih to the tune of $1 million. no longer do they want to be providing non-profits.
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they want to become a political advocacy group. >> she was making a great point there. because the original reasoning behind the susan g. koman foundation was now that planned parenthood is under investigation we're not sure we should give them money. but it was an investigation based on no facts. it was republicans deciding, hey, i don't know, we're going to start an investigation of planned parenthood. that's what they do all the time. so they were saying we're going to start an investigation on anything and you'll stop funding them? ridiculous. what happened? here is a statement from susan g. koman board and brinker as well. quote, we want to apologize. we have been distressed at the presumptions that the changes to the funding criteria were done for political reasons or to specially penalize planned parenthood. they are not. we will continue to fund existing grants and hey listen,
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in a lot of ways mission accomplished. we'll does and debate whether that apology and retracted should move on but one guy who was not happy about it. rush limbaugh. >> yesterday everybody was holding firm and today nancy brinker who runs the susan koman, it was her sister, just big time cave. big time, i mean abortion is the is asacrament. >> we're back to femi nazis and saying how abortion drives this. it has nothing to do with abortion. it has to do with breast cancer. koman does over 700,000 breast examines but what is interesting be the susan g. komen foundation
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was pulling $680,000 in grants and planned parenthood got $3 million in donation and now they got the susan g. komen back as well. they were instrumental in pushing forward on this matter. so becky, thank you so much for joining us and i want to ask you first what did you do here to create this pressure? >> well, we've had a lot of practice. as you know there has been a long-term witch-hunt targeting planned parenthood because there are a lot of people in congress, especially the tea party republicans who will go to any lengthens to stop planned parenthood from serving women. we've had a lot of practice on these fire drills. when the news came out on tuesday we mobilized our network of activists and we have 350,000 people who had signed the
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petition to the susan g. komen foundation demanding that the board reverse its decision to defund planned parenthood. >> i want to ask a question before we bring everyone else into the conversation. do you think it was the public pressure, the employee pressure, people resigning from susan g. komen or the funders they were worried about their funders too. what do you think the primary one. >> this battle played out in regular america. so instead of the halls of congress in the bubble of washington, d.c. where people actually take the tea party republicans seriously when this battle happened in the public domain where planned parent hood, which is the clinics are cherished clinic institutions. when this happened, main street america said no way. there's no way you're taking away my planned parenthood. they fought back and that made the difference. >> i want to bring other folks into this conversation.
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ana kasparian who has been following this story all along for us, and the asbur from usc is backings and we have eric schyller executive director of pro-life action league. eric, let's start with you because i take it you have a different take with susan g. komen's retraction today. >> well, i think we can all agree this has been a pretty exciting week, but i'm not sure what to make of susan g. komen's statement today. we knew all along the grants already contracted were going to be sustained until they completed. komen is not changing the new guidelines for applying for grants. simply saying that planned parenthood may apply for them again. whether they'll give them another grant remains to be seen. i think they're trying to play both sides of the fence.
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>> eric makes a decent point. i want to though it out here. do we know that planned parent planned parenthood is getting the money back. >> they said that they're eligible for future grants but not that they would award the grants in the future. the wording was interesting. the public is paying close attention to the situation and if they fail to give planned parenthood the grants in the future maybe planned parenthood would release a statement. people would find out about it, and people are going to hold the komen foundation accountable for not holding up to their promise. >> do we promise them to go forward and follow through. >> i think the trust and the damage to the komen brand has far more reaching than just the planned parenthood. i think the komen brand has really focused on trying to make commitment to breast cancer worldwide, but this combined
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with some of their earlier decisions have really challenged the degree moving forward as a trusted brand for corporations as well as donors. >> we said we wanted them to twitch positions. it's hard to forgive and forgot. but we got the result we wanted. >> first of all, this is a big victory, and there are millions of people who are going to be watching what komen does neck and ensuring that they follow through on their promise not to defund planned parenthood and get rid of the right-wing ideal ideology. let me say we never forget. there is a witch-hunt going on. we've been defending planned parenthood, and we have no illusion that we have to fight every day. but we have an army of those who fight for women's health.
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this is a major healthcare provider especially for low income women and men. if you try to take that away, people will fight back. if komen back slides they will be there. >> eric, look, i suspect that you disagree with this apology based on what you said before. you keep talking about in the context of abortion. but planned parenthood does over 700,000 breast exams. isn't this about breast cancer. and shunt they give money to an organization that does that many breast exams. >> the number of breast exams went down by 10%. komen will look at that and say maybe these are the guys we want to partner with. and planned parenthood is not offering mammograms. why can't susan g. komen said let's find another partner for this money. what's really sad to me is that planned parenthood was willing to destroy the most important breast cancer foundation in the
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entire country just to save face, to keep that pittance of donation. they were willing to throw komen under the bus like a schoolyard bully to extort this money from them. >> i don't think planned parenthood was trying to extort money from susan g. komen. they were rightly prepared and i think part of the reason why they were prepared is because they were familiar with karen hendel, senior vice president at planned parenthood who made the destruction and defunding of planned parenthood prior to her joining susan g. komen. so planned parent parenthood responded. >> i think eric is belittling the services that planned participant hood does. they have been cast as this abortion clinic, and nothing more than that but you look at
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the numbers. not just breast exams. they do pap smears and col colin scope procedures. you look at their annual report and look at the numbers. i'll give you exact numbers right now. breast exams 704,000 breast exams in 2010. only 329,000 abortions. so why are you going to pretend as if breast exams are not something that planned parenthood does and they don't offer anything else. planned parenthood is so important to people who live in rural areas who defend on that clinic who oh don't have access to other healthcare and don't have the money to have access to other healthcare. to say that their breast exams went down, i don't know if that's true but that he will irrelevant when you look at planned parenthood who along at that-- >> your prom with planned
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parenthood isn't that their breast exams went down 10%. your problem is that they provide abortion. >> planned parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider. one out of every four abortions is committed by planned parenthood. if every single woman walked in that door and came out having had an abortion, planned parenthood could say that's it's 7% to 8% of its services. they make 47% of their profits from abortion. >> no, they don't. >> you're making that number up. >> i'm knee noti'm not making it up. >> you're making it up. >> wait, wait, look, we all know who the bullies are. >> everybody hold on one second. i want-- >> i'll tell you the numbers. revenue wise. if you look at the total number of revenue they made in 2009, it was about $1 billion. only 15% that have was from abortion revenue.
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$164 million. >> so, eric, it's 15%, and the services they provide is only 3% for abortion. you think that they stamp on services to people who come to get an abortion. i never heard that before. but listen, one last thing. a viewer asked us on twitter if komen wants credibility what the suggestion was fire karen hendel and the other right-wing hacks at the top. i'm not sure about this. do they have to fire karen hendel, or she's right-winged, but who cares. why can't they serve the organization just as well. >> with you know who the real bullies are. they're the tea party republicans who have been harassing planned parenthood. we know the organizations that they're trying to destroy, it's not susan g. komen but planned parenthood. it's karen hendel who is doing them and trying to destroy them.
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yes, she has to go. we have millions of people who are going to be talking about susan g. komen. >> i think i know where eric stands. >> i think there is a pro health woman that karen hendel can be replaced by. >> i agree with that statement. >> i want right wingers to work for susan g. komen, as well as a left-winger. i under what you're saying, and i probably vote with eric. you're in the minority within this panel. we recognize that. we want to thank you for coming out. >> komen wanted to step quietly out of the culture wars. planned parenthood are keeping their mits on komen. >> it's totally disingenuous. you love the culture wars.
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>> he i can under why komen wants to get out. >> i got to go. sorry. when i come back we'll talk about the state of the economy and whose really winning and whose losing in this economy when we return. is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. she's a political trail-blazer. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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planned parenthood. anna talked to a conservative and it got a little contentious. drama, when we return. [ jim ] sam adams boston lager is my favorite because it has so much flavor. so i wanted to design a glass
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the strongest corporation. my god, this is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard! you got a bone to pick with that? the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan. ♪ >> unemployment front, we're down 8.3% from 8.5%. we've got 243,000 jobs that were created, which is really good news and president obama rightfully talked a little bit about that today. president obama.
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>> the economy is growing stronger. the recovery is speeding up. we've got to do everything in our power to keep it going. we can't go back to the policy that led to the recession an we can't let washington stand in the way of our recovery. >> all right well, he's of course hopeful because unemployment is down 8.3%, 243,000 jobs created well, john boehner thinks, of course, not good enough. let's watch. >> so the president really wants to get the economy moving again really wants to improve his own chances for re-election, maybe he'll pick up the phone and called senator reid and ask the democrats to get off their rear ends. >> they did get off their rear ends. that's why unemployment is going down. but for republicans it's never good enough. oh i can't believe president obama. only improved by a quarter of a
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million jobs. we should get credit for that. in that same press conference they say we introduced the jobs bills kind of last week. really? that's why they hired all of last month? these guys are a sad joke. while the economy is improving unfortunately the law the love is not enjoyed by all. wage versus gone down by 2% over the last year, workers are working longer hours little raises, and very little overtime pay as well. so unfortunately we've gone down 2%. well i'm shower sure the corporations have taken a similar hit in their profits? not so much. corporate profits are at a 60-year high. and in the third quarter of 2011 alone, they made $1.97 trillion. someone is doing fantastic in this economy and it ain't us. if you're just making money and paying their fair share maybe
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great they'll hire us one day and make wages will go up one day. part of the reason why they're making more money they're taking it from your pocket cutting your pay cutting your wages but when it comes to paying their taxes? corporate taxes are paid at 25-point percent. the tax rate is 35% but after all the loopholes they only pay 25%. but in 2011 they only paid 12.1%. which is actually half or less than half of what they've been paying the last 20 years which wasn't very high to begin with. it's all the loopholes in the cayman island and the off-shoring of money. they're not paying their fair share. that's what the problem is. we back that up every day on this show with actual numbers and facts. it's not like, o they're rich. we're worried about that. no they're taking the money for their own executives and they're not paying the taxes on it. it's not fair and it's not right. i'll bring in an expert william
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cohen who has worked on wall street wrote a book on it. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> let's talk about the state of economy. obviously encouraging numbers but on the other hand, i'm a little w wriri t tttt't' still a band aid a strtregy opposed to fixing the underlying fundamental problems of the economy. where do you stand on that? >> i think it was a very good week for president obama in the sense that unemployment rates seem to be coming down. the number of jobs created went up. you had the pre-sump the presumptive nominee mitt romney saying he doesn't care about the poor people even though one again his words were taken from context. even when you take them in context they don't sound very good. any politician cannot do a whole lot to create jobs. i mean, people like to talk
8:24 am
about job creators. mitt romney likes to talk about being a job creator but it's very hard to create jobs in this very complex economy. the truth is that we have been in a very difficult recession since 2008, maybe even before, and 2007. these things ten to be cyclical, and now it's 2012, and it's not a surprise that we're beginning to see some, as we say green shoots coming up in the economy. it could be snuffed out very quickly. for instance, if the european situation is not very resolved very quickly it could send us spiraling down again. given the holiday season and right after, we'll see how they adjust the unemployment numbers. if that holds up it's not surprising that things are begin to go turn around. that begins to benefit the president as it goes into the election year. >> i want to talk about one other thing the fundamental unfairness that i was talking about in the intro it goes in
8:25 am
so many different ways it's the tax rates the prosecutions for criminal fraud at a 20-year low in the financial industry when there has been so much fraud. the fcc gave waivers to jp morgan over and over again. 22 times when they settled six fraud cases including a recent one for $200 million, and the list goes on and on. what people don't recognize is what private equity companies do. it's something that the rest of the press misses and i want to talk to you about that. >> sure. >> you know, a lot of times, for example, whether it's the l.a. times, if a company is not doing so well, sears k-mart, people think they must not be able to sell in this widgets. their financial situation must be bad. what they don't know is when private equity comes in, they
8:26 am
oftentimes leverage the company and take money out of the company, and that causes the financial problem. can you quickly explain that for the audience? >> yes this is financial engineer 101 but you're absolutely correct. companies like the times mirror company with the tribune or like sears or macy's and bloomingdale's in its day any number of these companies that have been bought by private equity firms the whole alchemy of the way they make money is putting in very little as they can, and the rest is debt. what often happens when these companies fall on hard time because there are basic fundamental problems in their business plan, decline in revenues or recession or maybe they loaded up with too much debt to begin with, and then expect the company to pay off the debt. well, when that doesn't happen these firms basically have no
8:27 am
choice but to go into bankruptcy unless they can do out of court restructuring and have the creditors take a hit. either way the creditors will take a hit if these businesses don't perform. all the while the private equity guys find ways to pay themselves huge amounts in addition to the fees that they make. >> you're talking about alchemy where the private equity guys get huge payments. >> there is an example at bain company, when mitt romney was there, they took over, and they went bankrupt. even though they went bankrupt, bain was able to extract hundreds of millions of dollars from the company. how did they make hundreds of millions if they went bankrupt? how did they do that?
8:28 am
>> because before it went bankrupt, they paid themselves a big dividend when the company was doing well. this dividend releverred them up again, piled them with more debt. as the recession hit or the economy moved down, and they merged it with another company they couldn't pay off the debt that they had accumulated as far as the original buyout and the dividend they paid themselves. bain is looking good. mitt romney makes plenty of money, but the company can't sustain itself with this new debt. it's this financial engineering that has been going on in this country for 30 years and it's healthy we're having examination with bain capital. >> thank you for clarifying. i appreciate it. one more thing i want to tell the audience. you got to understand, it's amazing, they borrow like $300 million on top of the company, then they put it in their pocket. they say look at that. that's a dividend for the
8:29 am
financial generous. people like mitt romney do this at bain capital. then the company can't pay back the $300 million, they say that's not my problem, it's your problem. that's not being a financial generous. it's robbery. once they got rid of the financial problems they made good products and they got back out of bankruptcy, and they were successful and profitable once bain capital left. that's part of the injustice in this system and private equity, and i wanted everybody to understand that. now when we come back graham nash, look at that. he's in the studios with the young turks. of course from crossby stills nash, and young. we'll talk about what he came to and i appreciate you coming on and sharing what is going on in california. thank you for joining us. >> thank you.
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>> all right we're back onioningbackback on "theyoung turks." i wanted to give you an update on bradley manning. he will face all 22 charge against him u includes including unauthorized release of half million military reports and cables, and aiding the enemy charge. a lot of people are upset about this including graham nash who are "s" a legendary singer, and he wrote a song about it. it's called "almost gone." let's listen to that for a second. ♪
8:34 am
♪ >> graham nash from the legendary band crossby stills nash and young. thank you for joining us. thank you for writing the song. >> i had no choice. >> tell me why you had no choice and why you called it "almost gone." >> i became a citizen and i feel privileged to live in a country that allows me to speak my mind. when i found out about bradley manning and the treatment that he was getting not only as an englishman was it not fair, but also was i not concerned particularly with his guilt or innocence, it was a question of
8:35 am
following the law. are we a land of laws or are we not. >> that's interesting, a lot of right wingers would say he broke the law they think they allege then that's it. we have to apply the law to them. >> the law says, especially in military conduct article 13, you cannot--it totally prohibits punishment before trial. this man for the last year has been completely punished. the reason why i called it "almost gone" his lawyer said that did he not know his client was any more. he didn't know who they would be putting on trial because he said his mind is almost gone. when i heard that, it started me writing. >> this treatment that he has been receiving especially before he was even charged is amazing. tell us what moved you to write that and why it's so deplorable. >> i think every human being loves to be touched in some way.
8:36 am
want their very existence validated. when you're kept in a 12 x 9 room without bright lights, 23 hours a day and every five minutes at night being asked if you're okay, and if you do not respond they go in and find out why you're not responding. this man has probably not had a decent night sleep in a year. he has not been touched bay human being in a year. no wonder his mind is almost gone. it's just not fair, and it's not the law. the law says you cannot punish anyone before trial. >> and for so long they kept him in there. it's hard i think for an average person to have a sense of how long that goes on for and what it means for 23 hours bright lights, not being allowed to sleep, oftentimes they would strip him down naked just for future humiliation, a guy who has not been convicted of anything and at the time not charged. do you think that's torture?
8:37 am
>> absolutely. trying to imagine yourself in the same place. there was a small movie made of only 10, 15 minutes in isolation, and it was terrifying. it was terrifying. it's a thing that they've been once again i'm not concerned whether he's guilty or whether he's innocent. personally my believe is he's a hero just as daniel ellsberg was a hero. he saw things in the iraq war that he felt needed sunshine on, needed to be brought to light. he felt that the american people needed to know what was going on in their name. he felt that he was doing his duty to his country first not the generals'. >> you know what is really interesting is not what daniel ellsberg did and manning those are fascinating to be topics but the disparity of how they were treated.
8:38 am
ellsberg did not go to prison. and the country was on his side. you hear this about manning and you heardly hear a peep. >> theywhat's going on with julius assange is absurd. people should figure out the connection between karl rove and the premier of sweden. they're best of friend. my instincts are that this is being driven by karl rove. >> that's fascinating. i don't know if it's right or wrong but it's a topic that should be investigated. let me ask you about the new administration. there would be new whistle blowers would have transparency. now he has charged more whistle
8:39 am
blowers, and manning said he had done this without even having a trial. rudies pointed with how president obama has conducted himself in this regard. >> like millions of americans i was wildly excited about the possibility of president obama being president and i certainly along with my friend david crosby supported him. it is evidence that the finances, the politics are raising the ugly head all over the time again. i think that politicians are bought and paid for in many cases, and i think unless we get finances out of politics, we're doomed. >> i couldn't agree more. are you saying in this case president obama-- >> he's talking a good game. he's talking a good game about protecting whistle blowers except this one. the manning pulled back the
8:40 am
curtain, it's almost like "the wizard of oz." he pulled back the curtain to show the mad demon behind the curtain. that's his crime. >> you think president obama is corrupted on this count i'm not saying on all counts but on this count. >> i don'ti don't believe the american government will allow wikileaks and bradley manning get away with this. it shakes the foundation of their power. >> graham nash, thank you for joining us at "the young turks." you certainly belong. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> thank you so much. when we come back, we're going to get back to the issue of the economy and whether president obama delivered. only one who thinks an amendment
8:41 am
to the constitution may be in order. that's next on "the war room." [ jody ] four course feast. man it's great. the guests love it. [ male announcer ] red lobster's four course seafood feast is back. get soup, salad, cheddar bay biscuits, dessert and choose one of 7 entrees. four courses for only $15. offer ends soon. i'm jody gonzalez, red lobster manager and i sea food differently.
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planned parenthood. anna talked to a conservative and it got a little contentious. drama, when we return. >>it is an independent progressive voice. and i love that. [[vo]]she's a political trailblazer. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. [[vo]]determined to find solutions. >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. [[vo]]driven to find the truth. >>what's really going on?
8:44 am
♪ >> all right we're back on the power panel. we've got a great panel for you. we're here with judge ross, and an unique perspective, which we appreciate. professor lynn at ucla. thank you for joining us, and then of course michael shure is our epic politics man. first question. did obama deliver on his economic problem promise. his administration said we would get to 8% unemployment. now we're at 8.3%. it's close. did he deliver? >> he was on 60 minutes around december and he said if we're at 8% at 2012 we're in good shape. at that point we're at 8.6.
8:45 am
now we're moving in the right direction. i got to give it to obama on that. >> i didn't expect that. >> me being republican who voted for obama i'm not sure about this year but i can say that there has not been any definitive percentage where even republicans are saying we consider 6% or 5%. there is no goal line. and i think that's the biggest problem that my party they haven't actually said this is where we're all trying to go. there is no magic number at this point. >> there is another problem that the republican port party has no matter what president obama does, it's never enough. they're saying, it's the record of failure, not good enough. >> and that combined well, right, with a historic unwillness to work with the president, to jump start any kind of job creation programs, that's the problem. and it's a remarkable thing that there are so many new jobs in light of the fact that the republicans have tried to stand in the way of his job creation
8:46 am
at every turn. >> then let me throw another wildcard at you. i'm a little worried that we put a band aid on the problem. the underlying problem of the economy still exists which is the creation of manufacturing jobs etc., etc. professor, what do you think do we still have that problem? and should president obama also get some blame for not fixing the underlying problem? >> there are two questions. how to fix the fundamental problem and then what this current means for his re-election in 2012. let's just be clear. it's not the level of unemployment that predicts the incumbent re-election. it's the change. for obama this is looking really good right about now. he will probably be sitting at a place in the fall of 2012 with growth growing economy and a declining unemployment rate which would be very good for him, allowing him to come in and address some of these more fundamental problems. >> i hear you but the problem
8:47 am
is, and look, you make a great point on the change in terms of president reagan had bad unemployment numbers as well. >> obama is better at this point in his term than reagan was at this point in his term. >> and they both have the right trajectory. so if it maintains for political reasons it's helpful. >> in the year leading up to his re-election reagan created 3.4 million jobs. i don't see that happening for obama. >> it doesn't need to be that much truthfully. look historically and the numbers do not have to be big. >> judge one more question for you. when we talk about you know, underlying economy jobs, etc. and people say hey you know what so far president obama is still in his term has lost jobs. but is that fair given the recession was handed to him and that job loss was clearly on its trajectory. >> that's disutilitily safe. when i said, this is what i will do as a judge in terms of
8:48 am
treating people fairly n terms of speak to go kids and really being the sort of judicial officer that you would expect. if there were no unemployment, obama would be taking the credit. the fact of the matter is it goes both ways. when everything is going great you get to say look at me. when things are not going great you have to accept, and in reality when you talk about unemployment. when you look at african-american teens the young males, their unemployment is in double digits. that's why the republican party is missing an opportunity saying this 8% in and of itself is okay, but if you start really digging down and you see the segments of people who are not working, that speaks to a bigger issue of where these folks who have been controlled by democrats. >> we're going to talk about whether democrats should get more religious or if it's the wrong way to go. "the young turks."
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>> we are back with the power panel. judge ross professor lynn from ucla, and michael. president obama was at the national prayer breakfast, and he talked about the poor and how it's our duty to be our brother's keeper. this made orrin hatch very mad. >> hethis has always been a non-partnon-non-partisan for unity. he said that jesus would have supported his latest tax to rich scheme. with you due respect to the president he ought to stick to public policy. the gospels are concerned with weightier matters than tax rates. >> the republicans are concerned about using religion and politics? that's got to be a joke. that's all they ever do. >> i got to agree with the
8:53 am
senator. what i find is that these politicians, they talk a lot about religion as opposed to talking about spirituality. those are two separate things. a lot of times people want to play reasonable when it fits their needs. when you have election, you have politicians going to churches and tipping and there is no sense but spirituality where are you in terms of your ideology. i think that's the point that hatch was making. >> that would be a decent point if they hadn't been doing that the last 30 years themselves. >> is what he is saying right or wrong. and then when other people are in the position, let's be consistent. i don't care what folks are doing. either side has been using religion for politics, it there's no place for it. >> professor, when it comes to religion in politics, hatch says because of what the bible says
8:54 am
about home home sexuality, and when it comes to the poor, he forgot the bible. >> religion and politics is an interesting mix where we have a mormon candidate who a lot of people don't think is a christian, and a president who a lot of people think is a muslim. this is going to be big going into 2012. i think this is election airing, but an also an opportunity for obama to show some authenticity. people like that in their candidates. and it is something that mitt romney quite frankly people think he cannot show. so i think obama does a lot in this moment. he knows people like you will talk about it. >> michael, last word. >> i like orrin hatch telling obama to stick to policy. that's the biggest irony of all. >> either way. >> we got to leave it right there. we've got a great panel. thank you so much. romney has a secret service code name. we'll tell what you it is, and i
8:55 am
love your responses to it. we'll share that with you when we return. sam adams at the peak of its freshness -- there's nothing better. our mission is to make sure when you crack open that bottle of sam adams you're getting the freshest beer you can possibly get. if it's not fresh, we buy it back. we spend so much time selecting the ingredients and using traditional brew processes. we want to make sure everybody gets a fresh sam. hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile.
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planned parenthood. anna talked to a conservative and it got a little contentious. drama, when we return.
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[[vo]]...we're the idea nobody wants to hear. ...until the truth reveals itself. boat-rockers. and above all... and there's only one place you'll find us. weeknights on current tv. >> mitt romney was assigned secret service protection officially this week. we had a secret code name. i screwed that one up. we don't. it's still secret. but i love your suggestions that you sent in through one of these could be it.
8:58 am
here are some runner ups. magic undies. that's not right. thurston right. that's right. i robo corp which i really like. richie rich, and cayman islands could be better. warbucks monopoly pac man. gordon gecko. phantom men menace, my favorite, decepticon and then tin man. tin man is nice and simple but nails it for mitt romney. i would go with those or maybe hal. thank you for staying with us on
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